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Thursday, Feb. 23: noon Center Room (LANG 256) and 7 p.m., Walls Lounge (LANG 213)

Jorge ZeballosCosmic Race, Rainbow People and Other Myths
Jorge Zeballos

This workshop will explore the history of the white supremacies that have existed in western Latinx cultures for hundreds of years. Using historical and religious writings, quotations, and cartoons past and present that depict blacks and indigenous people as non-humans, Zeballos will demonstrate how racism and “colorism” have influenced and shaped Latinx cultures and thinking. “The most effective tool in the hands of an oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” Participants will explore the implications of this influence for building solidarity across racial and ethnic lines in the US.

Thursday, March 2: noon Center Room (LANG 256) and 7 p.m., Walls Lounge (LANG 213)

Jennifer HarveyDear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation
Jennifer Harvey, Professor of Religion at Drake University

Pictures coming out of Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014 were eerily similar to iconic images seared in our collective, national memory from the 1950s. How should we understand not only Ferguson but the onslaught of violence against Black men, women and children that continue to embroil this nation? In this presentation and dialogue we will explore the ways lesser known perspectives on the Civil Rights Movements—religious and secular perspectives—may help us better understand the racial climate we in right now.

Co-sponsored with Campus Ministry


Fall 2016

Sept. 29: 7 p.m., Center Room (LANG 256) and Sept. 30, noon, Arches Lounge (LANG 304)

Life After Being Called Out
Shane Lloyd, MPH, Assistant Director for First Year and Sophomore Programs, Brown University; Maura Pavalow, Ph.D.

In this increasingly diverse campus environment, we are all likely to say or do something that others might perceive as racist, sexist, or classist even if we did not think it was that big of a deal. This workshop explores how to move forward positively after these kinds of interactions and how to work together to be in greater solidarity with one another as campus community members from diverse backgrounds. The session will also cover different dynamics that inform how our interactions could be perceived in a particularly negative way.

Nov. 8: 7 - 9 p.m., Walls Lounge (LANG 213)

Charmaine Wijeyesinghe Race and Identity Beyond the Color Line Part I
Dr. Charmaine Wijeyesinghe

Using personal reflection and group discussion, this workshop encourages students to consider how they define race and how this definition affects their own sense of racial identity beyond appearance.

Nov. 9: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Center Room (LANG 256)

Intersectionality, Race and Identity in the Classroom
Dr. Charmaine Wijeyesinghe

This Workshop focuses on the way intersectionality can be used to enhance curriculum and course planning as well as used to shed light on student response to content and discussion involving social issues such as race, sexual orientation, class, and gender. Benefits and challenges associated with integrating intersectionality into teaching, as well as sample classroom activities will be discussed. Lunch will be served.

Nov. 9: 3 - 5 p.m., Center Room (LANG 256)

Race and…..: Using Intersectionality to Broaden our Understanding of Identity, Social Issues and Actions for Social Justice
Dr. Charmaine Wijeyesinghe

This advanced workshop is intended for those who have a good foundation of social justice knowledge and want to deepen their understanding of core aspects of intersectionality and how it provides a more holistic perspective on identity, social systems, and efforts to promote social change.

Nov. 9: 6:30 - 9 p.m., Arches Lounge (LANG 304)

Race and Identity Beyond the Color Line Part II: The Student Experience of Race on Campus-Sharing our Stories to Create Understanding and Change
Dr. Charmaine Wijeyesinghe

This highly interactive session places students in small groups based on racial identity to reflect on their experiences related to race and identity at Bucknell. Cross group dialogue will highlight experiences of race in student life on campus, and identify ways of supporting one another.


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