The Bucknell Review was, for fifty years, a major journal of letters, arts, and sciences published by the University. It appeared in both paper cover and hardback, and published some of the leading scholars in the humanities of the time. It came to prominence under the long editorship of Harry Garvin, and it has featured work by dozens of Bucknell faculty. The Bucknell Review evolved out of an earlier journal, the Bucknell University Studies (1949-1954), and it has been succeeded by a new interdisciplinary publication launched in 2004, Apercus: Histories Texts Cultures.

"Bucknell Review enhanced the scholarly reputation of Bucknell, and helped to attract many outstanding additions to its faculty. [I] often heard from colleagues that during interviews with sought-after candidates they would ask 'Why are you interested in Bucknell?' and the answer would contain a reference to the growing awareness and prestige of Bucknell Review."

Harry R. Garvin, Founder of the Bucknell Review
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"In its 161 year history, Bucknell University has a great many accomplishments to its credit but few as notable and as surprising as the successful creation of a University Press, in 1968, and a publication called the Bucknell Review."

Press Director Greg Clingham, at a 2007 celebration on the 50th anniversary of the Bucknell Review.
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"At first it [the Bucknell Review] was a paperback quarterly that was eclectic in its subject matter - mainly in the humanities - and modest in its theoretical aspirations. Once it became a hardback Press publication, the Review began to reflect new developments in literary and critical theory."

Former Press Director Michael Payne, at a 2010 celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Bucknell University Press.
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