Recent Reviews in Iberoamericana (2010)


Maryellen Biedler reviews Daniel Frost's Cultivating Madrid: Public Space and Middle-Class Culture in the Spanish Capital, 1833-1890 in Iberoamericana, vol. 38 (2010)

"Cultivating Madrid is a curious title for a curious, but ultimately rewarding, book... By tracing successive plans for Madrid's urban renewal, Frost contrasts costumbrismo's nostaglic discourse with later discourses that imagine a city in which culture is spectacle and nature becomes an obstacle requiring regulation and order...The overall scope of his project is ambitious: 'to rethink how canonical texts present the relationship between nature and culture, order and artifice, in the course of Madrid's modernization'" (221-2).

Jennifer Duprey reviews Sharon G. Feldman's In the Eye of the Storm: Contemporary Theater in Barcelona in Iberoamericana, vol. 38 (2010)

"Feldman's book is...the first study that examines at length several key companies, playwrights, theatrical works, and performances that have contributed in signficant ways to the recuperation of Co[n]temporay Catalan theater and stage under Spanish democracy and its relationship with the cultural identities that were repressed by Francoism, especially Catalan identity.

In the Eye of the Storm is an exhaustive study that also deals with the emergence of Catalan political theater and performance after Franco's death and, in general, with the renaissance of the Catalan text-based drama...Feldman's literary and historical analysis is fresh, provocative and absolutely gripping. For all interested in both the cultures of Contemporary Spain, performance and cultural studies, she has written an essential text" (227-8).