Nicholas Gonsalves '11I'm a double major in geography and international relations, with a concentration in Latin American studies. Since coming to Bucknell, I have been a Presidential Fellow in the geography department, helping to create an introductory course in Geography, From Earth to Home.

Over the last two summers, I have been a research assistant for the Bucknell University Arboretum, for which I identified, cataloged and measured the over 1,700 trees on campus and created a walking tour highlighting 73 of the best specimens. I have further used the arboretum data to conduct a tree community analysis of the Bucknell campus.

Last spring I fulfilled my passion for travelling by spending a semester in Latin America, completing an independent research project on the recovered factory movement in Argentina. I'm currently in the process of another research project, a thesis on the pre-European settlement vegetation of Union County.

I enjoy geography because it combines my love of maps and travel and allows me to pursue environmental conservation-oriented projects.