Students: Adam Andersen '10, Tim McClees '10, Brandon Fox '10, Grant Parseghian '10

For more than two decades, the Gulu district in northern Uganda has been the epicenter of a brutal conflict between the Ugandan government and the rebel movement known as the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). The devastation wrought by this conflict is overwhelming: two million people in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps; more than 30,000 children abducted; and thousands more dead. Bicycles against Poverty (BAP) is a student initiated project at Bucknell that is currently registered as a community based organization (CBO) in Amuru district, Uganda. BAP is primarily focused on providing bicycles to the area of Northern Uganda for economic purposes. As peace comes to Gulu and the surrounding districts, people are beginning to move back to their homes miles away from hospitals and schools. BAP believes sustainable transportation is key to the development of this region and began the implementation with 100 bicycles in the villages of Kona Nwoya and Lulyango. In this project, our students designed a trailer to be attached to the back of a bike to transport cargo including up to 200 lbs. of water and crops. By necessity, the manufacturing had to involve locally available materials and processes. Students travelled to Uganda in Summer 2010 to share the design in Gulu.