Student Project by Travis Nissley
Class of 2011

Advised by Professor Mala M. Sharma

Goals and Methods:

The summer research project is a component of a larger, ongoing research program in collaboration with Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), API industries (formerly Kuchera Defense Systems, Inc), Applied Research Laboratory (ARL/PSU) and Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs . The objective of the overall research program is to successfully apply coatings using the cold spray process that have the highest possible densities in order to achieve improved corrosion and mechanical properties. Other aspects of the program are being executed concurrently at various collaborating research facilities; these include (1) the corrosion investigation (Bucknell University) (2) coating optimization (PSU/ARL) (3) cost optimization (API) (4) technology transfer (API and Lockheed Martin).

The goal of the summer research project is to characterize the effect that surface preparation of the substrate has on the subsequent mechanical properties of the coating/substrate system. Specifically, this involves identifying the optimal process parameters for producing coatings that have the highest density and coating adhesion with the minimum detrimental effect of the tensile and fatigue properties.

Three main tasks and five sub-tasks have been selected to realize the project goal.

  • Task 1: Sample generation using Cold Spray Technique (HVPC)
  • Task 2: Coating Density Evaluation
  • Task 3: Mechanical Testing of Cold Spray (HVPC) samples
    • Sub-Task 3.1 Bond Strength - evaluated using ASTM standard C633-01 specification.
    • Sub-Task 3.2 Adhesion Strength - evaluated using ASTM standard C-633 specification.
    • Sub-Task 3.3 Bend Test - evaluated using ASTM standard E290 specification.
    • Sub-Task 3.4 Tensile Strength - evaluated using ASTM standard E8 specification.
    • Sub-Task 3.5 Fatigue - evaluated using ASTM standard E466 specification.

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