Funeral for a Wallflower


Did you know her, No did you, No, You, No, I've come out of love for shy flora.

I've come out of a house with a cracked foundation and weeds come out of its cracks and what came out of me looking in the plant dictionary was discovering a wallflower was one of those weeds.

A real wallflower.
And then my landlord killed her.

The priest to me: Will you give the eulogy?
Me: Yes, but I am soft-spoken.

He doesn't hear me so I must start talking.

"She was born, dear friends, with a caul."

(The congregation thinks I said pall.)

"As a bud in the garden she met a bee, lately from Germany, who said to her I have had a strange träume and then touched his thorax, where his heart would be."

(Dream is what the congregation heard, which is of course not the German word for wound at all.)

The congregation! They are all crying.

"Listen. I'm sorry. Listen.
The petal of my tongue keeps slipping.
It does so often.
When I was young and in school, I bragged, as I'd heard my father do, to the children.
I bragged, We have a great store of wheat in our granary.
But when I got home listen to what I had caused:
My father to me: We are now poor. Our stores are empty. I went to fill the sacks and out flew wheat-colored canaries."

I keep hoping you will interrupt me.

"But to return to the wallflower—
She was all stamen and skinnily elegant leaves. The seams of her seed pods—her seed
crates—were silken haired. She called her seams her siliques.
: the name for a creature who wants to come out of her secrets."

Did you ever smell her, No did you, No, You, Yes, her scent was nothing.
"Once when I was at the cardiologist's, he sighed. He had been reading the EKG machine.
Me: Tell me please!
He: A fragrant cloudiness covers all things.


He: What I smell is a heart murmur.
Me: It is the flower."

I keep hoping you will interrupt me.

"Personally I never want to live in a world where flowers are so precious we can't pick them.
When I was young we had a tree that flowered pink for only a few days. And on those days
we would hang from its branches and shake and shake and then we would tramp the flowers
into the ground until they were dirty in the same way that months later the snow would be."

I keep hoping you will interrupt me.

"The flower broke every silence by saying that: I keep hoping you will interrupt me."

What did she mean, I don't know, Do you, No I don't, No I don't.

I keep hoping you will interrupt me is a funny thing to say but I think it is begging, in a way.

I think it has something to do with asking to be broken but I have as yet myself never had an


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