April 19, 2011

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By Kathryn Kopchik

LEWISBURG, Pa. — The Bucknell University Press is offering a competitive, year-long, non-paid internship for qualified sophomores, juniors or seniors interested in scholarly publishing for the 2012-13 academic year.

Open to students with any major, the Cynthia Fell Internship for Undergraduates is equivalent to one class; interns will earn one non-traditional study course credit for successful completion.

No former experience in publishing is necessary to apply. The internship, which will offer students experience in all aspects of publishing scholarly books, will require six hours of work per week, occasionally off campus.

Since the internship offers course credit, the intern will be expected to complete one or two substantial projects such an original project or essay for evaluation each semester.

In addition, the intern will participate in several activities, including proposal and manuscript evaluation, proofreading, updating certain aspects of the web page, design of dustjackets and print ads, design of computer ads, contributing to the press blog, interviewing authors and writing author profiles, overseeing book displays on campus, and researching new developments in publishing, including electronic publishing.

Interested students should submit a letter of application, resume, two letters of recommendation from professors and/or previous employers (at Bucknell or elsewhere), and an academic transcript. Submit application in either hardcopy or electronic format to Bucknell University Press, Taylor Hall, or e-mail universitypress@bucknell.edu.

Since 1968, Bucknell University Press has published more than 1,000 scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences. Among the leading publishers in 18th-century studies, Latin American Studies, and Luso-Hispanic Studies, the Press publishes six book series that includes work produced by the Griot Institute for Africana Studies and the Bucknell Environmental Center.

Book collecting prize
The Bucknell University Press and the Office of Library and Information Technology are offering a $500 prize for the best book collection.

The contest is open only to Bucknell students. To enter, students must submit a bibliography of their collection together with a short essay (1,000-2,000 words in length), explaining the theme and significance of the collection. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 10. Submissions should be sent to Kate Parker at klparker@bucknell.edu or sent via campus mail to the Bucknell University Press in Taylor Hall.

A few shortlisted candidates may be invited to talk about their collection with the judges. The judges will make their decision based on the intelligence and originality of the collection and its coherence as a collection as well as the thought, creativity and persistence demonstrated by the collector and the condition of the books. The monetary value of the collections will not be a factor in determining the winning entry - a coherent collection of modern paperbacks or comic books is as valid an entry as a collection of rare books from the 17th century.

For more information, contact the Bucknell University Press at universitypress@bucknell.edu

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