Only courses comparable to those given at Bucknell, which can be counted toward requirements for graduation, will be evaluated for transfer consideration. Examples of course work not acceptable for transfer are courses in professional or vocational fields, courses from professional schools, mathematics courses below introductory calculus, language courses which repeat high school work and physical education credits.

Transfer course credit from regionally accredited universities or colleges and select foreign schools is only evaluated for:

  • Transfer students with a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or better. A maximum of 20 course credits or 80 semester hours are accepted for credit.
  • Bucknell's Office of Global & Off-campus Education approved off-campus semester(s) of study. Students must complete the Preliminary Transfer of Credit Form prior to beginning an off-campus program.
  • Summer school elsewhere. Students must be in good academic standing. A maximum of 2 course credits may be transferred per summer.
  • The student must complete an Application for Transfer Credit Form (you must have Acrobat Reader to view this file) prior to starting the course(s).

If the course content does not have a Bucknell course equivalent the level of transfer will be determined. If the accepted course cannot be assigned to one specific department or program it will be designated NDPT, non-departmental.

Grades of "C-" or below will not be accepted for transfer credit. Credit will not be granted for Pass/Fail grades, Audits or for courses which have already been taken at Bucknell or elsewhere.

For schools on a semester hour system, 4 semester hours are considered equivalent to 1.0 Bucknell course credit. Policy does, however allow that 2 courses of only 3 semester hours may transfer as a full course credit. Transfer credit would be reduced to .75 credit for any 3 credit course taken thereafter.

Accepted transfer credits are not included in a student's Bucknell grade point average or quality points.

For more information on Transfer Credits at Bucknell please call 570.577.1201.