April 27, 2011

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By Sam Alcorn

LEWISBURG, Pa. — Despite an economy challenged by still-high unemployment and slow job creation, 94 percent of Bucknell University's Class of 2010 had been placed within nine months of graduation, according to the new Postgraduate Report of Activity.

Of the 881 graduates in Bucknell's most recent class, 60 percent had jobs, while 24 percent were studying in graduate programs. About 4 percent of the class were both employed and in graduate school.  || See complete report

Five percent of the class reported that they were volunteering or traveling, or both, and 1 percent reported participating in some other activity. Six percent were still seeking employment. 

Bucknell degree
"What this tells us is that a Bucknell degree continues to be highly valued among top employers across many industries and that with hard work and motivation our graduates are able to successfully compete in the marketplace during the current ongoing period of economic unsteadiness we are experiencing," said Pamela Keiser, executive director of Career Services at Bucknell.

The data changed little from a year earlier when 95 percent of the Class of 2009 reported being placed within nine months of graduation.

Regarding pay, the new report noted that the mean salary for all Bucknell graduates was $50,172, up nearly $2,700 from a year earlier.

For a graduate with a College of Engineering degree, the mean salary was $57,860, up nearly $2,900; for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the mean salary was $51,762, up nearly $1,400; and for the College of Arts and Sciences, the mean salary was $44,299, up nearly $1,800.

About 42 percent of the class respondents got their jobs through Bucknell on-campus interviews, the Employer Expo, offers from former employers, networking events, alumni or faculty contacts and online listings.

The employers with the most accepted offers included PricewaterhouseCoopers; Teach for America; Deloitte & Touche; JPMorgan Chase; Accenture; Bucknell University; Lockheed Martin; Goldman Sachs; U.S. Army; Keefe, Bruyette & Woods; EA Engineering, Science and Technology Inc.; UBS; Ernst & Young; Merck & Co.; Teaching Assistant Program in France; and General Electric.

Marketplace trends
Following the trends of the marketplace, the report noted that many graduates were hired by small- to mid-size businesses throughout the Northeast. In addition, about 2 percent of the 2010 graduates found themselves overseas, including such destinations as China, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa and Vietnam.

The rate of participation in the annual survey remained very high with a 98 percent response rate, matching the previous class' participation.

For the first time, Bucknell staff heavily researched social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to collect data and find graduates who may have moved or changed phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

"We found this to be quite helpful and effective," said Keiser, adding that it was an important factor that helped to maintain the high response rate.

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