Students can request a telephone line with voice mail in any University-owned residence hall room. Telephones however, are not provided, and must be supplied by the student.

Most single line (analog) phones will work with the University's system. A digital (multi-line) phone will NOT work. Because of damage to the rooms, wall phones are not allowed; please bring a desk model. 

A Personal Account Code (PAC) will be provided to each student that requests phone service. The PAC code is used for placing toll calls on University telephone lines. If you wish, toll calls can also be placed using a telephone company calling card.

Although most students use cell phones to place and receive calls, you might consider whether you want to rely on your cell phone as your sole means of voice communications.  Please check with your cell phone provider to determine if service is available in the Lewisburg area. Verizon offers the best coverage in the area.

For more information about using telephones on campus, please feel free to contact us at 570.577.1810.