The marching band music grew louder as Lauren Rambo walked with a friend toward Market Street in downtown Lewisburg. Then, the cheering began. "We walked right into the Lewisburg Victorian Parade!" says Lauren, a senior majoring in psychology. "There were some students we knew, and seeing all the floats, costumes, and residents outside as the snow was just beginning to fall was almost magical."

Straight from the faculty, staff and students, here are a few other highlights and favorite haunts in the area surrounding Bucknell University's campus:

  • "By going out your front door or driving just a few miles, you can find quiet country
    lanes for road biking, trails for hiking and mountain biking, and rivers and lakes for
    kayaking and canoeing." - David Kelley, associate professor of electrical engineering
  • "There is nothing better than The Fence during the summer. If you like great fish
    sandwiches and breathtaking views of the Susquehanna River, there is no equal. Tranquil
    and serene, it is a place that not only fills me up, but gives me a small break from the fast
    pace of life that, to me, is priceless." -- Zachary Green '12, political science and history double
  • "Go to Ard's Farmer's Market in the fall for the corn maze, corn cob chucking, hayride,
    the pumpkin patch and the giant slide." Matthew McTammany '95, associate professor of
    biology and environmental studies
  • "One of my absolute favorite things to do in Lewisburg is visit the Street of Shops and
    the Roller Mills antique store. I've made several trips to both locations just in the past few
    weeks and have found some real treasures. I love that Lewisburg has so many options
    to find items that are more interesting, affordable, meaningful and eco-friendly than you
    would find elsewhere." -- Kimberly Kane '08, assistant director of admissions
  • "What I love about Lewisburg is that it's like living in a movie. When we went to the
    Campus Theatre opening, I stood at the street party and realized I could name every
    single person in my field of view. It was pretty amazing. It's a real community here.
    And then we went in and watched "Music Man" and I thought 'Yup, that's us!'" - Margot
    Vigeant, associate professor of chemical engineering
  • "Reptiland is a hidden gem in the state of Pennsylvania. Walking in such close proximity with some of nature's most intriguing beasts makes this experience a cold-blooded thriller." - Brennen Kim '12, economics majorArts Festival
  • "I really enjoy the little touches that keep us steeped in small-town charm, like the Arts Festival and the Fourth of July Celebration. These events, as well as the dozens of others throughout the year, make Lewisburg feel like home. I also really love the strong sense of community throughout the neighborhoods, where people wave and say hello more often than not." - Steve Gibson, video and new media developer
  • "Folks should make an effort to visit the Celtic Exchange. It may not catch your eye at first, but it is a great shop. I have purchased some of the best jewelry (most of my earrings and rings are from there) for myself and others in there. So if students have a Celtic background (all of my ancestors are Celtic), or even if they don't, they should stop in and check out what they have." - Robert Midkiff, associate provost
  • "My absolute favorite thing about the area is when the arts arrive. The Campus Theatre has special events during the Ice Festival in the winter, as well as the Arts Festival in the spring. Both seasons are two of the most beautiful times to walk downtown and enjoy food and the arts and have a blast." - Michael Strauss '14, theatre major
  • "One thing I like best about the area is the abundance of nature (rivers, mountains, streams), and particularly the proximity of state parks such as Ricketts Glen, with its glorious waterfalls." - James Mark Shields, associate professor of comparative humanities and Asian thought

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