If I had to choose one word to describe my study abroad experience in Florence, my word would be 'indomenticabile' (unforgettable)! From the moment I entered the city, I fell in love with architecture, the arts, the culture, the people and, yes of course, the food. I studied abroad though Syracuse University, and part of the program requirement was the students had to live with a host family. Not only did I get along with my single host grandmother, but she was one of the reasons that made my study abroad experience even more memorable. I was able to practice and improve my Italian at home, outside of class. She told me where all the local spots, famous museums, landmarks and restaurants were located. Going abroad I prepared using my Italian even though I had just taken one intensive semester of Italian 101/102 with Professor Perrone back at Bucknell; I think the fact that this intensive course required us to meet every day of the week from Monday-Friday really helped push me to learn and practice the language every day. Likewise, the Italian classes at Syracuse University in Florence also met every day of the week. I felt that language class in Florence was even more so effective because the Italian professors emphasized speaking as opposed to reading and grammar, which they believed we would catch on to slowly with time. I only wished that I had taken more Italian classes earlier on during my freshman year had I known which program and country I wanted to study abroad in.