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Public Safety will review your request and determine the number of personnel that need to be assigned on an individual basis, contingent upon size and scope of the event, where it is held, whether non-Bucknell students will be present, and other pertinent information. However, if you already have suggestions about the agency support you'll need, please indicate it below.

NOTE: Costs below are estimated. After Public Safety reviews this Event Management Agency Request Form, a Cost Estimate form will be sent to the event organizer within 3 business days for approval and response. The Cost Estimate form must have the signature of the account manager and the event organizer prior to being re-submitted to Public Safety.

Bucknell Public Safety – $30 per/hour (2 hour minimum)
# of people for # of hours

Outside Security – $20 per/hour (2 hour minimum)
# of people for # of hours

Barricade set-up/tear down –$30 per/hour
# of people for # of hours

Special requests: