Karen Huie, Yasuko and the Young SSSamurai

Karen Huie is a Chinese American writer and performer. She is multitalented and committed to performance in the realms of television, radio, film, and theatre.

Yasuko and the Young SSSamurai is a comedic play about a man and a woman debating the significance of seppuku, the honorable stomach slicing method of samurai suicide. Although the subject matter seems gruesome, the play is entertaining. The most challenging part of this will be directing because these actors will play multiple roles. (one female, one male role)


Naomi Iizuka, Skin: An Adaptation of Buchner's Woyzeck

Naomi Iizuka is a Japanese-Latina American playwright who was raised internationally. She received her B.A. at Yale and is a recipient of the Whiting Writer's Award. Iizuka currently teaches at University of California, San Diego.

Influenced by Buchner's Woyzeck, Skin is a play that is openly about sexuality. This play entices you to get lost in the magical realism of the few remains in Mary and Jones's love. This is a challenging play to direct without losing your audience. (three female, four male roles)


Diana Son, Satellites and Stop Kiss

Diana Son is of Korean American descent and was raised in Delaware. She is most known for her plays R.A.W. (Cause I'm a Woman) and Stop Kiss. Son has written screenplays for television, and taught playwriting at both Yale and NYU.

Satellites is a play that explores interracial dating, the various cultural definitions of family, and the results of socioeconomic mobility. Join Miles, Nina, and their recently born daughter, Hannah, as they struggle to confront issues of identity and family. The most challenging parts of this production will be casting and set design. (three female, four male roles)

Stop Kiss is a dangerous journey about honesty, love, and courage. Step into the chaotic world of two friends Callie and Sara, who have to deal with the consequences of an inhumane injustice that challenges their potential future as more than just friends. The most challenging aspect of this production will be having two strong female actresses. (four female, three male roles)


Elizabeth Wong, China Doll and Letters to a Student Revolutionary

Elizabeth Wong is a Chinese American playwright from California. She is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Wong was a recipient of the David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award.

China Doll is a biographical play about the famous actress Anna May Wong. The play focuses on her struggles: in the industry, with interracial dating interests, and while attempting to remain truthful to one's cultural identity. The most difficult part of this production will be casting. (three female, five male roles)

Letters to a Student Revolutionary is a fascinating take on depicting the neglected impacts of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Join Bibi and Karen as they form a beautiful friendship that comes to a tragic end, due to the given historical context of Wong's play. Casting will be the largest obstacle in this production. (three female, three male roles)