The MOST IMPORTANT difference between our laptops  and others is warranty coverage.

The Bison Laptop program strives to offer the best possible technical support for students who participate in it. In order to provide this premium level of support, we need to differentiate between the support that we can offer to participants and the support that we can offer to students who choose another make or model.

All Bison Laptops receive priority service at the Tech Desk.

We have experienced certified technicians for both Apple and Lenovo who can handle your warranty requirements.

What You Can Expect at the Tech Desk with Your Bison Laptop Program Lenovo

  • Expedited and complete tech support - your computer will be serviced before non-program machines
  • Preferred Pricing
  • On-site parts for rapid replacement
  • Loaner laptops for repairs that take more than 24 hours
  • Ability to quickly restore your machine to its original state
  • All models sold with Accidental Damage warranties
  • Certified technicians to handle all warranty interaction with manufacturer

If you drop your Lenovo, or spill a soda on it, it is covered by warranty. We have replacement parts on-site and we can swap them out for no charge, usually within 2 business days, and provide a loaner for you while we do it.

Read more about Lenovo's ThinkPad Protection and Accidental Damage Coverage.

What You Can Expect at the Tech Desk with your Bison Laptop Program Mac

  • Apple certified technicians who can initiate warranty support
  • Loaner laptops for repairs that need to be sent to Apple or require more than 48 hours to repair

Macs come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty that covers parts that fail. We recommend that you extend it to 3 years through AppleCare. This does not cover accidental damage like drops or spills.

If you drop your MacBook, or spill a soda/coffee/beverage on it, it is not covered by any warranty. We will need to order replacement parts from Apple or we may need to send your laptop to Apple for repairs. You will be liable for damages and repair charges such as:

  • screen/display - $450-600
  • hard drive - $70
  • logic board - $700-900
  • superdrive - $200
  • top case with keyboard - $200-300
  • bottom case - $90


  • Keyboard cover We strongly recommend that Mac users buy a silicone or plastic keyboard cover. Covers remain on your laptop while you type and can protect your laptop from minor spills.
  • External hard drive We strongly recommend that Mac and PC users buy an external hard drive and back up all important data, including music, documents, and photos. 
  • Dorm room insurance For Damage -- Similar to renters insurance, this coverage can often reimburse you for damages to your Mac laptop, if purchased at the appropriate coverage amount. For Theft -- Many plans also add theft/loss coverage (not covered by ThinkPad Protection or Apple Care). If you choose to go this route, make sure your selected insurer offers coverage for electronics.
  • Square Trade For Macs, another alternative is Square Trade, a company that specializes in selling warranty coverage. For a $1300 MacBookPro, a warranty that covers Accidental Damage would cost about $300 for 3 years - which sounds expensive until you look at the costs listed above! See Square Trade for more info.

What You Can Expect at the Tech Desk with Other Makes and Models

We always support every computer that a student brings to the Tech Desk, regardless of whether it's part of the Bison Laptop Program. There is no charge for software support. This includes support for virus removal, malware infestations, software installation, file transfer, software assistance, backing up of personal data on external hard drives, etc.

However, for hardware issues, or if the operating system fails or malware corrupts your computer:

  • You will need to work out support issues with the manufacturer

  • You will need to contact the manufacturer and arrange for delivery of parts

  • You will need to reinstall and update the operating system on your own

  • Bison Laptop computers will take priority

Local Computer Service Providers

We provide a list of local computer service providers for your convenience; we do not recommend any one in particular. Please feel free to contact these businesses and determine which will best meet your needs. Some vendors may offer discounts to Bucknell University students, so that may be worth inquiring about when researching a potential service provider.


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