May 11, 2012


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By Heather Johns

Lewisburg, Pa. — Where the pathways meet in the center of the historic Academic Quad at Bucknell University, there used to be only grass. Now, thanks to a gift from the Class of 2012, students see something new: a bronze University Seal.
"We chose the seal for two reasons: Its symbolic meaning to our class and its location on campus," said Sonali Basak, 2012 class president.
Four years ago, Class of 2012 hopefuls were asked to write an admissions essay about how they would build bridges between Bucknell and the world. The idea resonated throughout their Bucknell experience. "It has been a defining feature of our class — building bridges and forming pathways between the Bucknell community, the world and each other through education and service," explained Basak. "The seal where the pathways meet in the quad symbolizes that."
The quad holds even more meaning for the Class of 2012. The University is constructing a new south-campus academic quad, which will add a second quad to campus. "The current Academic Quad is a place where we wanted to leave our mark," said Basak. "While Bucknell is expanding, that was the center of campus for us during our time here."
Many Bucknell traditions take place on the quad, including Senior Sunset, candlelighting and Commencement events. The Class of 2012 hopes placing the seal there will start a new tradition for soon-to-be-graduates getting ready to end their time as students at Bucknell.
"We wanted to leave a symbol there so that future students can enjoy it as a part of the traditions they'll share with us and the new traditions they'll make," said Basak. "From now on, everyone who graduates from Bucknell will pass over the seal on Commencement day."
The Class of 2012 will begin that new University tradition as they cross the seal during Bucknell's 162nd Commencement on May 20.

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