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Here I Am, Lord

by Michael Chitwood

The ribbed black of the umbrella
is an argument for the existence of God,

that little shelter
we carry with us

and may forget
beside a chair

in a committee meeting
we did not especially want to attend.

What a beautiful word, "umbrella."
A shade to be opened.

Like a bat's wing, scalloped.
It shivers.

A drum head
beaten by the silver sticks

of rain,
and I do not have mine,

and so the rain showers me.


Michael Chitwood About the Poet:

Michael Chitwood teaches English at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and has published eight collections of poetry. The poem "Here I Am, Lord" is from his book Poor-Mouth Jubilee.

About this Poem:

In Chitwood's "Here I Am, Lord," the speaker considers his relationship with God and how faith, like an umbrella, is a protection often taken for granted. The poem's final image of the rain remains open to interpretation.

"Here I Am, Lord," from Poor-Mouth Jubilee © 2010 by Michael Chitwood, used by permission of the author.