Alumna Susan Miller returned to Bucknell University, the place where she received her Master's Degree in English in 1970, to perform one of her two Obie Award winning plays. In October, My Left Breast, a one-woman show by Miller was performed in the Harvey Powers Theater, the site of one of her first productions, written during her student days. Reflecting Miller's own experiences, My Left Breast portrays a woman struggling with breast cancer and coming to terms with loss and transformation in other areas of her life. The play depicts Miller as a mother, lover, artist and survivor. Her personal account of life's ups and downs allows the audience to relate to her and experience her emotions. Miller says, "I did not ever want to write about breast cancer until it seemed connected to other events, other problems." The play is comprised of a variety of distinctive monologues. Each calls on different emotions and unforgettable outcomes. Miller says, "I am a one-breasted, menopausal, Jewish, bisexual lesbian mom and I am the topic of our times." She beat the odds and is a true survivor.

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