Membership Acceptance Information:

Fraternities:By signing a "Bid" for a fraternity a student commits himself to a fraternity at that time.  If he chooses to disaffiliate before he is initiated, he is not eligible to join another Bucknell University fraternity until the following semester.

Sororities:By signing a "Bid" for a sorority a student commits herself to a sorority at that time.  If she chooses to disaffiliate before she is initiated, she is not eligible to join another Bucknell sorority for one calendar year.

Hazing Prevention Information:

The Bucknell University's definition of hazing: "Within the context of a person(s) attempting to join, or retain membership in a group or organization: any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally risks the mental, psychological or physical well-being of a student with or without his consent; which requires or encourages violation of public law or University policy; or, which may tend to ridicule, mistreat, degrade, humiliate or harass any individual."

Before new member activities may start chapters must informed of new members of both the University's and Iinter/national organization's policies against hazing. These practices are not only harmful but also have no place in a fraternity or sorority.  Hazing cannot be a part of new member education or initiation, and if a chapter is hazing it is violating the policies of the University, chapter and state law.  Participation in hazing activities may result in numerous consequences including but not limited to loss of membership, probation or suspension of chapter and other privileges as well as University disciplinary action.  If a student becomes aware of any hazing activities, they should notify the proper authorities, including, but not limited to, Public Safety, the Office of Residential Education and Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, the Dean of Students Office, the inter/national organization headquarters and/or local police department(s).

Academic Expectation:

To join a Bucknell University fraternity or sorority a student must be of sophomore standing as determined by the registrar's office and possess a cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Bucknell University fraternity and sorority members must possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 to stay in good standing.  Some National Organizations require a higher minimum GPA, which the individual chapters are required to enforce.  Academic records: semester and/or cumulative GPA at Bucknell University may be released to the undergraduate chapter president and academic chair person, alumni adviser(s), and the inter/national headquarters.

If a member's cumulative GPA falls below a 2.25 at any point during their membership, they will be placed on academic suspension from their chapter.  The member will remain suspended from their chapter until their cumulative GPA rises above a 2.25.

If suspended, the member will no longer be able to participate in any chapter related function including but not limited to: living in the chapter housing or suite, eating meals at the chapter house, attending any chapter social or ritual events.  Alternative housing and eating arrangements will need to be made immediately following suspension.


Financial Expectation:

Members of a Bucknell University fraternity or sorority have financial obligations to their chapter.  These financial obligations are an integral part of their associate membership, initiation and alumni membership in the organization. Members will be required to follow the procedure for dues, meal plan and additional fee collection as agreed upon by IFC and Bucknell University for fraternities and the sororities and their Inter/National Headquarters .  Members are expected to pay all financial obligations in full by the due date as set by the chapter and/or University. 

Fraternities: failure to make any payments by the scheduled due date may result in the chapter placing a "Greek Hold" on fraternity member's University account, referral to a collections agency and/or loss of membership.

Sororities utilize outside vendors for dues collection.  Talk with chapter leadership or check Inter/national websites for additional information.


Housing Expectation:

By accepting membership into a fraternity/sorority, a member will be obligated to move into the chapter's designated housing upon initiation, provided that there is a vacancy. If at anytime there is a vacancy in chapter housing, the member will move into that vacancy to maintain the house/suite's maximum capacity.  Members of the organization will not be permitted to participate in room selection in University residence halls or participate in the approval process to move off campus unless there are no vacancies in the chapter's house/suite and the alternate housing list is full. 

Additionally, members must properly apply, have met the conduct requirements and have been granted final approval by Housing Services before being able to move off campus.  Housing Services always advises against signing any off campus lease agreement until receiving final approval to live off campus

If at anytime a student is placed on suspension by their chapter or University, they will be required to vacate their housing assignment.  The student will need to work with Housing Services to identify alternate on campus housing options.

  • Chapter Housing Lists - chapter house / suite list must be full to capacity of allotted spaces and 6 alternates must also live on campus
    • Fall List due to Housing Services: March 1st of each year
    • Spring List due to Housing Services: Mid-November


Judicial Expectations:

As a member of a Bucknell University fraternity/sorority, students have a responsibility for their actions and the actions of the chapter with which they are associated.  As a condition of membership, members agree to abide by all standards of conduct established by Bucknell University, the College Panhellenic Council/the InterFraterity Council and the inter/national fraternity/sorority with which they are affiliated.  As a further condition of membership, members agree to release, upon the request of their inter/national fraternity/sorority, any student records contained in the Office of Judicial Affairs that are related to a review and consideration of membership status in the organization.



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