click for larger version of this image by Kuxu76 The Leanne Freas Trout Scholarship in French and Francophone Studies is awarded annually to an exceptional member of the rising junior class who demonstrates high academic achievement in French and Francophone studies, strong promise of active and enthusiastic linguistic and cultural immersion, and positive leadership within the classroom and program.

The scholarship recipient will receive $5,000 for each of the last two years at Bucknell, provided that s/he remains committed to academic excellence in the study of French and continues to serve as a dedicated ambassador for the discipline.

The scholarship recipient must:

  • declare and remain a French major;
  • maintain a G.P.A. of at least 3.5 in French;
  • commit to studying abroad in the Bucknell en France program during her/his junior year (preferably for the full year); and
  • demonstrate intellectual and cultural commitment to the French and Francophone Studies major by being visibly involved in French events on campus.

How To Apply

Interested sophomores should submit a statement of interest (email is fine, 1 to 2 pages equivalent in length) to the French and Francophone Studies program director by February 15 each year. The statement should address how the applicant meets the criteria set forth above and how s/he would (a) maximize her or his immersion experience in Tours, and (b) bring back elements of that experience to the Bucknell community upon her or his return to campus. This scholarship is competitive; thus applying for one does not ensure an award.

Final Report

Recipient must submit a report (in English) to the French and Francophone Studies program director describing how this scholarship enhanced her or his academic experience at Bucknell, no later than the first day of final exams at the end of the period for which s/he received the scholarship.


image from Kuxu76 via wikipedia Creative Commons