To enroll as a host site for Community Service Work-Study student employees:

  1. Please download the Community Partner Agreement for the 2017-18 academic year.
    Complete it and have it signed by the appropriate agency representative.  Then, please return the signed original contract to:
          Office of Civic Engagement
          Bucknell University
         1 Dent Drive
          Lewisburg, PA 17837
  2. Create a job description for the position at your agency.
    Please be as specific as possible so applicants will have an accurate picture of your agency, tasks to be performed, and the expectations of the job as well as the necessary qualifications. See a sample job description (pdf). Once you have a working job description, please fill out the online form to apply for a community service federal work-study position.
  3. When the Office of Civic Engagement receives BOTH 1) a signed contract and 2) a job description, the position will be posted on a website for eligible students.
    Please note: while we try to find students to meet agency needs, some positions each year are not filled for a variety of reasons. Time schedules and lack of transportation keep some students close to campus. Interested students will contact our office so that their work-study status can be verified. Once their status is verified, our office will give them the contact information for the agency with jobs that best meet their schedule and work interests.

When a student contacts you for employment:

  1. Please take time to interview and talk with the student about your expectations for this position and other details of the job.
    Host agencies are not obligated to offer the position to a student who is not a good match. If your agency does choose to hire an individual, the agency supervisor will need to complete an Employment Form for that student verifying that your agency has hired the student. This form will list the total amount of work-study dollars the student is eligible to earn this academic year. See a sample Employment Form. All community service work-study students earn $8.25 an hour and are paid through their federal work-study allotment.
  2. After the student interviews with your agency, is hired, and has obtained the necessary signatures to complete the Employment Form, the student needs to return it to the Office of Civic Engagement so that the hiring process can be finalized and recorded with Financial Aid.
    A student will not be considered employed if the Employment Form is not returned to our office. Any hours worked prior to the completion of this process will not be paid by Bucknell University and the agency will be responsible for compensating the student for their time.

When you have a student employee:

  1. You will be responsible for sending an email verifying the amount of hours worked every two weeks.
    The Office of Civic Engagement will remind you bi-weekly via email. Please make every effort to complete this task on time so that student employees are paid on a regular basis. Without your approval, students will not be paid for time they have worked.
  2. If a student is not fulfilling the responsibilities of the job, please contact our office at 570.577.3973.