Sec. 1124

Causes for suspension

Any board of school directors may suspend the necessary number of professional employes, for any of the causes hereinafter enumerated:

(1) Substantial decrease in pupil enrollment in the school district;

(2) Curtailment or alteration of the educational program on recommendation of the superintendent, concurred in by the board of school directors, approved by the Department of Public Instruction, as a result of substantial decline in class or course enrollments or to conform with standards of organization or educational activities required by law or recommended by the Department of Public Instruction;

(3) Consolidation of schools, whether within a single district, through a merger of districts, or as a result of joint board agreements, when such consolidation makes it unnecessary to retain the full staff of professional employes.

(4) When new school districts are established as the result of reorganization of school districts pursuant to Article 11., subdivision (i) of this act, and when such reorganization makes it unnecessary to retain the full staff of professional employes.

HISTORY: 8-8-63, Act 299, § 8 (PL 564), eff. 10-7-63 3-10-49, Act 14, Art Xl, § 1124 (PL 30); 6-20-39, Act 274, § 2 (PL 482); 4-6-37, Act 52, § 2 (PL 213); 5-29-31, Act 130, § 26 (PL 243); 5-7-29, Act 480. § I (PL 1576); 5- 18- 11, § 1205(b) (PL 309)


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