Bucknell University encourages members of the faculty and staff to seek external support for their research, scholarship, outreach, special programs and other activities. The offices of the Assistant Provost for Research and Corporate and Foundation Relations help members of the Bucknell community find funders, develop strategies for seeking external support and submit proposals to public and private organizations.


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Practical Prototyping

Engineering students got down and dirty with power tools, laser cutters and 3-D printers during the first-ever Bucknell Fabrication Workshop. 

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Behind a Mask

A new digital scholarship project will transport players to an 18th century masquerade ball in an interactive video game.

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Faculty Research Around the World

Bucknell faculty summer research projects in the Canadian Arctic, France, Germany, Kenya and Turkey.

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Popular Science

Philosophy professors ask, "What do you know about science?"

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STEM, From the Beginning

STEM Scholars program introduces first-years to research.

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Sponsored Projects

Steve Shooter, mechanical engineering

NSF grant for collaborative research to assess product archaeology as a platform for contextualizing engineering design

Charles Clapp, chemistry

NSF grant to study substrate binding and regiochemical control by soybean lipoxygenase-1

Dee Ann Reeder, biology and Ken Field, biology

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service grant to find out whether certain genetic characteristics, behavior and environmental factors contribute to the severity of bat-killing white-nose syndrome

David Del Testa, history

NEH grant for “Four Roads to Vietnamese History: A Re-Visioning of a History of Vietnam Course”

Katie Faull, German and comparative humanities

NEH grant for “Cultures at the Confluence: The Moravian Mission Diary of Shamokin, Pennsylvania”

Kenneth Field, biology

NIH grant for “Farnesyl Transferase Inhibitors: Cancer and Immunity”

Mark Haussmann

NSF grant to test investigate the role of glucocorticoids in mediating resource allocation

Molly McGuire, chemistry

NSF grant for in situ investigations of clay mineral swelling using atomic force microscopy

Katharyn Nottis, education and Mike Prince, chemical engineering

NSF grants for collaborative research to improve engineering education

Felipe Perrone, computer science

NSF grant to develop new simulation frameworks for the ns-3 discrete-event network simulator, a free and open-source research tool designed for use by computer communications network researchers

Wendelin Wright, mechanical engineering

NSF CAREER grant to characterize shear band propagation in bulk metallic glasses so that the extraordinary strengths of this unique class of materials can be exploited for use in structural applications

Mike Prince, chemical engineering and Katharyn Nottis, education

NSF grants for collaborative research to improve engineering education

Tim Raymond, chemical engineering

NSF CAREER grant to study aerosol-water interactions in the atmosphere

David Rovnyak, chemistry

NIH grant for “Structural Biology of the Catalytic Domain of Bacteriophage T4 Primase”

George Shields, chemistry

NSF grant for “Thermodynamics of Secondary Aerosol Formation: The Role of Binary and Ternary Nucleation”

Charles Kim, mechanical engineering; Lori Smolleck, education; Joe Tranquillo, biomedical engineering

NSF grant to formulate a methodology for the design of elasto-fluidic systems

Lori Smolleck, education; Charles Kim, mechanical engineering; Joe Tranquillo, biomedical engineering

NSF grant to formulate a methodology for the design of elasto-fluidic systems

Tom Solomon, physics

NSF grant to explore how the motion of fronts is affected by fluid mixing, e.g., forced flows in a chemical processor, winds in a forest fire, or the motion of people in society while a disease spreads

Tim Strein, chemistry

NSF grant to conduct a wide ranging study of bile acid aggregation using multiple techniques including nuclear magnetic resonance, fluorescence and electrophoresis

Indranil Brahma, mechanical engineering, and Peter Stryker, mechanical engineering

NSF award for the acquisition of a fast particulate spectrometer.


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