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Inevitably our time in Lewisburg, PA must come to an end, we move away, and begin new chapters of our lives. Yet we leave with more family than we entered in with! The Arts Res fam, is a family like no other, where we lived together at least our freshman year and we bonded together over activities such as finger painting, epic Halloween parties, and art museum field trips. Throughout our 4 years at #Bucknell most of us managed to stay together and attend fam dinner or fourth meal at the caf. We are so lucky that Bucknell put us together and we made new family for life. Especially, since that family supports you through new stages of life (like a wedding). #yourcrazyfam #artsres - AK JK

Amy: Being in a STEM major, research experiences at #Bucknell are second to none. Starting in my soph year, I was an undergraduate research assistant in the functional morphology lab mentored by Dr. Tristan Stayton. We used finite element analysis and mechanical testing to compare the mechanical properties and shell geometry of subspecies of Chrysemys picta (painted turtle). Fast forward to where I am now (BME Postdoc at Yale), you’re probably wondering how did I go from evolutionary biology to a PhD in biomedical engineering…As a biology major we were in the same fundamental core classes (calculus, physics, orgo, etc.) as many engineering students. I was well prepared for my transition to grad school, although I did take a few extra classes to catch up and specialize further. I really developed my affinity for BME in my other undergrad research experiences including a summer internship with Progenics Pharmaceutical Inc. and a REU at Pitt. With those experiences, I was recruited to UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX where I completed my PhD specializing in Biomaterials, Biomechanics, and Tissue Engineering. As you can imagine my passion for research was ignited at Bucknell and still carries on through my current work today at Yale. Of course, these experiences required a great deal of time and energy, but I always found a way to decompress, as you can see in my baking for lab parties. Lastly, attending conferences is a great way to keep in touch and learn. I am very fortunate that these past several years I have presented my research at the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual meeting where I have had the pleasure to meet-up with the BME dept from #Bucknell. I hope if any of you will be in Atlanta for the meeting this year that we will be able to connect! #sciencerules - AK

John: Since it is indeed Thursday, this post is a #tbt to all of our degree granting graduations. As you can tell, we are a household of many academic degrees beyond #Bucknell. While Amy pursued her PhD, I pursued a Masters of Arts in Teaching at Loyola University in Maryland, specializing in secondary education in English & Literature. Upon graduation I taught at an all girls private school in Baltimore for two years before moving up to New Haven with Amy. In my first year in New Haven, I was a substitute teacher for New Haven County Schools and a coach with the Yale Lightweight Men's Crew team. After, I was accepted into Wesleyan University where I am now earning my Masters of Philosophy in liberal studies with a concentration in humanities while holding a fellowship in the athletic department as the assistant rowing coach. I (we) cannot express enough how important a #liberalarts education was to us and how it has prepared for our academic endeavors in graduate school. A #liberalartseducation has taught us how to approach problems with creativity, find appreciation is diverse opinions, and enjoy all aspects of academia. We will never stop learning and being students. #20thgrade - JK

We’ve all heard of the statistic, about 1 in 6 Bucknellians marry another Bucknellian… well I guess that’s us. We are Amy and John Kauffman (both class of 2011) and we have taken over @iamraybucknell this week. Although we were both part of the Arts Residential College and were rowers on our respective Men’s/Women’s Crew teams, we had drastically different academic interests. Amy was a Biology major and Spanish minor and John was a double major in Philosophy and Religion with a minor in English. We both currently live in New Haven, CT with our two cats and a turtle. Amy is a Postdoc in the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering at Yale and John is an assistant rowing coach and graduate student at Wesleyan. It’s an exciting week with the kick-off to March Madness and spring break across campus. We look forward to sharing with you some of our experiences and how #Bucknell helped shape us into who we are today! -AK & JK

We both competed on our respective rowing teams and we never expected this sport to have such a profound impact on our lives. Neither of us had rowed before college and both decided to give the Learn to Row program a try. Little did we know that this sport is not only the hardest competitively that we had ever experienced, but it build the strongest foundation of teamwork and friendship that has extended beyond our time at #Bucknell. We each have had the opportunity to row at local clubs during our summers (John at @baltimoremensrowing and Amy at @norwalkriverrowing and @3riversrowing). We even competed together in a mixed double at the Quaker City Regatta the summer before our junior year. Rowing greatly influence John's career path as he is now an asst. rowing coach at Wesleyan and has also held coaching positions at BRC, Loyola MD, and Yale. John also linked up with an amazing group of men to while in Baltimore who competed at the Henley Royal Regatta in England a few summers ago. These days you can catch the two of us still grinding out meters at the Wesleyan Boathouse and borrowing their double Sunday mornings on the CT River. John is currently in FL with the Wesleyan crew team for the spring training while Amy is stuck getting through New Haven's third Noreaster storm in less than two weeks...Is it spring yet?? Best of luck this season to @bucknellcrew and @bucknellwrow . We look forward to seeing you and other alumni during head racing season! #bethehammerneverthenail #eatemup #bison - AK JK

I’d like to wrap up the week with a post about life outside of school. Dental school, or any professional school for that matter, is a long and exhausting undertaking. While I’ve loved every minute of it so far, that doesn’t take away the fact that it drains you physically and mentally. Make sure you get out and find things you enjoy and can use to keep positive and healthy. For me, Philadelphia is a great city that never gets boring. Whether it’s flooding Broad Street after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, attending the parade a few days later, exploring the city’s trails and watching sunsets, or trying the endless great food around the city, there’s always something to do. Finally, I have to give a shout out to my personal therapist, my doggo Chewie. Having a pup has been by far the easiest way to stay stress free during this whole experience. I highly recommend adopting one if you have the opportunity. Well that completes the week for me! Thanks for following the account this week and feel free to follow my personal insta @jccastellino. It’s a mix of my journey through dental school and pictures of Chewie being a goof. ‘Ray #Bucknell - JC


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