Based in the heart of London, this study abroad program provides students with the opportunity to study across an array of academic disciplines while taking full advantage of their location in a major European Capital. 

The Bucknell in London Program is open to all Bucknell students. It may be particularly attractive to humanities and social sciences students in economics, sociology, anthropology, English, history, philosophy, political science, international relations, theatre, art, and environmental studies. Based upon the semester program theme the program may also accommodate BS coursework in management, education and engineering students.

Required Course for Fall 2016

Global London: Microcosm of 21st Century Issues - UNIVxxx (Sanjian and Stevenson Sanjian) - 1 Credit
This course will take advantage of London's many resources to explore issues confronting not only London but other heavily urbanized societies, including the challenges and advantages of diversity, sustainability, urban development v. historical preservation, and various effects of globalization. Many of these are problems, but others should be viewed as opportunities, and even the benefits of urbanity. The course will treat these from an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on how government, the public, and various interests interact to deal with society's concerns. We will make London our classroom and supplement in-class time as much as possible with site visits and presentations by those with specialized expertise. GBCC approval pending.

Elective Courses for Fall 2016

The British Political System - POLS220 (Stevenson Sanjian) - 1 Credit
This course offers a comprehensive look at the British political system, including the structure and functioning of British political institutions, and the social and constitutional context in which they operate. Students will also explore topics such as campaigns and elections, recent constitutional changes, the evolving political party system, and issues such as immigration and Britain's role in the European Union. In addition to in-class lecture and discussion, the course will make use of field trips and site visits, to, for instance, the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court, as well as to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and European Union institutions in Brussels. This course fulfills EGSS, GBCC, SLSC and W2 requirements.

European Security - POLS282 (Sanjian) - 1 Credit
European security during and after the Cold War is the focus of this course. The impact of the World Wars on modern European approaches to achieving security and the place of the United States in the European security equation are also considered. Topics to be addressed include the creation and evolution of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the emergence of the European Union (EU) as a security institution, relations between West Europe and East Europe during the Cold War, and debates inside Europe and between Europe and the United States on the roles of conventional and nuclear forces in European defense. The course's post-Cold War curriculum includes the political debates and security implications of Europe at war-in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, in Iraq in the 2000s, and possibly in Syria and against the Islamic State (IS) in the future. Among the field trips planned for this course are visits to EU institutions in Brussels, the Imperial War Museum and Churchill War Rooms in London, and Bletchley Park. This course fulfills EGSS and SLSC requirements.

Theatre in London/Studies in Dramatic Literature - THEA264/ENGL217 (Sullivan) - 1 Credit
This course focuses on one of the highlights of London's cultural life and introduces students to all aspects of the London theater. Students will read several plays and will gain familiarity with the various aspects of production from staging through designing sets, props, costumes, lighting and special effects, to acting. Also included are "backstage" visits to such facilities as Shakespeare's Globe and the National Theatre. Students will see one play most weeks, keep a journal of the plays attended, and complete a project that integrates aspects of their study and fieldwork in London, in addition to other assignments. This course fulfills ARHC and EGHU requirements.

Art and Architecture in London - ARTH215 (Conner) - 1 Credit
This course provides a background and context through which to view changes in British art, architecture, and design. Connections between social, economic, and cultural influences are reflected in the practice and content of the arts. Each class session begins with historical background and overview briefing, and is followed by a walking tour of a museum, historical area, or other nearby site. This course fulfills ARHC, EGHU and GLSP requirements.

Political Economy of European Integration - ECON222/POLS221 (Edye) - 1 Credit
This course introduces students to the main political economy issues of European integration. The course analyzes these issues by first providing some background on the history, evolution and institutions of European integration relevant for economic policies and then covering in more detail specific policies and areas. It will enable students to apply and relate conceptual and theoretical knowledge that underpins the course to the real economic and political processes of European integration. The course draws on a range of readings dealing with the core issues and theories, and in so doing will familiarize students with the most up to date policy discussions relating to the European integration. Students will participate in a field trip to Brussels to visit European Union institutions. This course fulfills SLSC and EGSS requirements.

Independent Study - 1 Credit
Students also have the option of arranging an independent study while in London. This is contingent on the approval of a faculty member on campus, who must approve the project and agree to serve as adviser, and the approval of the department chair.

Program Contacts

Prof. Andrea Stevenson Sanjian (political science)
225 Academic West Building

Prof. Gregory S. Sanjian (political science)
230 Academic West Building

Anita Casper, global education advisor
Botany Ground Floor, 570.577.1115


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