A Taste of London: Exploring modern life through food in one of the world’s great cities.

This program is open to all Bucknell students who will be sophomores or juniors during the Spring of 2019. The program is designed to accommodate students from across the curriculum in the College of Arts & Sciences. Courses from the humanities and social sciences are on offer and students can satisfy a broad range of their core curriculum requirements. Natural science, engineering and management majors can also satisfy many of their curriculum requirements not directly in the major.

Students participating in the program are required to take the anchor course plus three of the following elective courses: THEA 264/ENLS 289, ARTH 215, ECON 222/POLS 221, HIST 247

Application Procedure

Students should attend an information session and meet with the Coordinator of the Bucknell in London Program (Anita Casper) before submitting an application. The application can be accessed on the Office of Global & Off-campus Education website. Applications are competitive and early applications are encouraged. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until Sept. 6, 2018, but the program may be full before that date. This deadline may be extended if any spaces remain.


Anchor Course

Eating in the 21st Century – PSYC 283/UNIV 283 (Professor Myers) 1 Credit
This course will explore the psychology of food, using London and the British countryside as case studies of the psychological impacts of the modern food environment. Sampling the varied cuisines on offer in this diverse metropolis will inform our discussions of the psychological, biological, and cultural influences on food preferences and eating habits. Field trips throughout London and the country will contrast traditional foods with the advent of industrialized, processed foods, to study ways that the modern food environment promotes overeating. We will investigate how London and the UK have responded to the childhood obesity epidemic and the effectiveness of anti-obesity measures implemented by community activists and governments. The course aims to bring the study of behavior out of the classroom into the city, analyzing the interactions between individuals and the environment. The course will include classroom discussion, guest lecturers, group meals, and field trips in London and beyond.
This course fulfills the W2, SSLG and GBCC requirements.

Elective Courses

Theater in London/Studies in Dramatic Literature – THEA 264/ENLS 289 (Professor Sullivan) 1 Credit
This course in the London theatre introduces students to the influence and impact of British theater and to all aspects of the London stage. Students attend plays in the West End, in Off-West-End, and in Pub theatres. Students read plays and gain familiarity with theater criticism as well as with numerous aspects of production. Students will see a number of plays; keep a theatre journal of the plays attended; participate in and lead class discussions, write short essays, take examinations, and complete a theatre project that integrates aspects of their study and fieldwork in London theatres.
This course fulfills the AHLG and ARHC requirements.

Arts and Culture in London – ARTH 215 (Professor Sparti) 1 Credit
This course provides a background and context through which to view changes in British art, architecture, and design. Connections between social, economic, and cultural influences are reflected in the practice and content of the arts. Each class session begins with historical background and overview briefing, and is followed by a walking tour of a museum, historical area, or other nearby sites.
This course fulfills the ARHC and GBCC requirements.

Political Economy of the European Union – ECON222/POLS221 (Professor Edye) 1 Credit
This course introduces students to the main political economy issues of European integration. It analyzes the history, evolution, and institutions of European integration relevant for understanding economic and social policies. It will familiarize students with the most up-to-date policy discussions relating to the EU—including the effects of Britain’s recent decision to leave the EU.
This course fulfills the SLSC requirement.

History of London – HIST 247 (Professor Surridge) 1 credit
In this course, students will explore London’s rich history as the center of Britain’s political, cultural, and economic life, spanning from Roman Britain, through the Great Fire, the rise of the British Empire, to the Blitz, and on to contemporary multicultural London. This course will make full use of London’s own resources and will include many site visits across the city as an integral part of the course.
This course fulfills the ARHC requirement.

Additional Options

Independent Study – Students may arrange independent study courses, contingent on faculty participation and department chair approval.