Your BUID card, provided through Card Services, lets you accomplish all those behind-the-scenes tasks of campus life. Enter your residence hall. Get into free events or purchase tickets. Check out materials from the library. Do your laundry. Shop in downtown Lewisburg. And, most importantly, eat! || If you have additional questions not answered below, see our FAQ.

Meal Plans

If you live on campus, you've got to have a meal plan. Simply hand the cashier your BUID card to have your meal account debited.

Dining Dollars

All meal plans include some portion of "Dining Dollars." Dining Dollars can be used instead of cash at any campus dining location as a convenient way to buy meals and snacks. Dining Dollars carry over from semester to semester and year to year, but they become invalid upon graduation or separation from the University. Dining Dollars are not refundable or transferable, so use them or lose them.

Learn more about Meal Plan Options.

Campus Dollars

You can also use your BUID card to access your "Campus Dollars." Your Campus Dollars account is a prepaid flexible spending account. It works like a debit card: You deposit money into a special account linked to your BUID card, and then you can use your card to pay for laundry, dining and golf course expenses.

You can also use your Campus Dollars at participating local merchants.

Campus Dollars are refundable. Any remaining balance will be applied to your student billing account upon graduation or separation from the University.

Copier Access

There are multiple locations on campus available for copying and printing. A list of locations is available. Black copies/prints are available at no charge for students and departmental work. The cost for color copies/prints is $ .25 per page using Campus Dollars.

Faculty and staff have access to make personal copies/prints using their Campus Dollars account. For information contact Publications, Print & Mail at 570.577.3757.

Charging Privileges

As a BU ID card holder, you can also enjoy the convenience of charging expenses to your student billing account at multiple locations across campus, including the Campus Box Office, the Office of Publications, Print & Mail, the 7th Street Studio, the Barnes & Noble at Bucknell University bookstore, and many other venues.