In an Emergency

Emergency Contact Numbers

Public Safety emergency contact number: 570-577-1111

If response from an ambulance or fire company is needed: 911

Public Safety non-emergency contact number: 570-577-3333

Bucknell Emergency Communications

In the event of a campus emergency, updates from Bucknell officials will appear below. If the space below is blank, there are not any current emergency notifications to display.

Emergency Notification System

Bucknell University is committed to protecting the safety of our campus community. Recent events have shown the need for timely dissemination of information in emergencies such as acts of violence, natural disasters and other unpredictable incidents. The University employs a range of methods to assist us in alerting the campus to emergency situations as quickly as possible. Emergency alerts are reserved for critical incidents that pose an imminent threat to the health and safety of the University community.

In the event of a campus emergency, University Police will provide important information to the campus community via our Emergency Notification System.

Outdoor Public Address Alert

The outdoor public address system consists of speakers at key locations across campus. During a campus emergency, we may utilize the speakers to indicate an emergency is occurring on campus and what actions should be followed. We also test the system twice a year to ensure its functionality.

Text, Cellular and Email Alert

We ask all current staff, faculty and students to register for emergency notifications using the link in the blue box below. This ensures we can send you notifications. We are able to port over information from Workday, but we ask that everyone assists us with uploading key information.

Sign up for campus emergency alerts

Local Emergency Services

Bucknell Student Health: 570-577-1401

Evangelical Community Hospital: 570-522-2000
Evangelical Community Hospital, located approximately three miles from campus, is a general hospital with a 24-hour emergency department. If you need to use its facilities, first notify Bucknell Student Health at 570-577-1401, if possible.

Geisinger Medical Center: 570-271-6339
If health care is needed beyond the level available in Lewisburg, a tertiary health-care facility providing more specialized care is available at the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, about 15 miles from campus. For general information, call Bucknell Student Health or contact Geisinger directly.

William Cameron Engine Company
The Lewisburg area is served by the William Cameron Engine Company, a volunteer fire company which operates a 24-hour ambulance service. Students belong to the company and it has a strong tradition of affiliation with Bucknell. To report a fire or call an ambulance, dial 7-1111 from campus phones or 911 from off-campus phones.

Buffalo Valley Regional Police: 570-524-4302
Union County Sheriff's Office: 570-524-8717
All sections of campus are under the shared jurisdiction of the Buffalo Valley Regional Police as well as the Union County Sheriff's Office. Any law enforcement officer may come on campus at any time. However, campus facilities are the same as any private facility and cannot be entered by police without the occupant’s permission or a properly executed search warrant.

Emergency Preparedness

Please consult the following resources for information about what to do in a fire, flood or active-shooter scenario.

Fire safety
Flood information
Tornado information
Homeland Security active shooter preparedness video
Homeland Security active shooter response handbook (pdf)