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The BSAFE App is a community safety application you can use to directly alert Public Safety about safety and security concerns — including anonymously — and request immediate assistance. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play by Bucknell students and employees. Benefits and highlights of the app include:

  • Mobile Bluelight: Immediately calls Bucknell Public Safety and shares your location in real time with officers.
  • Friend Walk: Sends your location in real time to a friend or family member so they can monitor you walking to your destination. (You must activate this feature to enable tracking — you can turn off location sharing in your phone at any time).
  • Report a tip: Allows for videos and photos regarding any crime or safety concerns to be sent to the department.
  • Support Resources: Quick contact links and information for key campus resources and offices.
  • Social Escape: Provides assistance in getting away from an awkward or uncomfortable situation by placing a phone call to your cell phone. When you answer the phone you'll receive additional tips and advice for getting away from the situation.

Download on the Apple App Store for iPhone

Download on Google Play for Android

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Public Safety BSAFE App Homepage screenshot

BSAFE App Homepage

Public Safety BSAFE App Mobile Bluelight screenshot

Mobile BlueLight

Public Safety BSAFE App Friend Walk screenshot

Friend Walk

Public Safety BSAFE App Report A Tip screenshot

Report A Tip

Public Safety BSAFE App Support Resources screenshot

Support Resources

Public Safety BSAFE App Social Escape screenshot

Social Escape

Public Safety BSAFE App Campus Maps screenshot

Campus Maps

Public Safety BSAFE App Emergency Help screenshot

Emergency Help

Public Safety BSAFE App Emergency Plans screenshot

Emergency Plans

Public Safety BSAFE App Safety Toolbox screenshot

Safety Toolbox