Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award is presented annually to a member of the alumni community who graduated in the last 15 years and whose professional accomplishments, service to alma mater, or selfless and caring work to benefit society are distinctive.

2024 Recipient

Eric Diamond '09

Eric Diamond '09 is the president of Greencastle Consulting, a company renowned for its veteran-focused mission. In his role, he sees parallels to the leadership, innovation and nature of service he learned as a finance major at Bucknell. Professors Mark Bettner, David Jensen and Thomas Kinnaman emphasized the importance of analytical rigor and ethical leadership and were instrumental in shaping Diamond's academic and professional outlook. Additionally, Diamond's involvement in Sigma Phi Epsilon, Army ROTC, student government and intramural sports instilled a deep commitment to community, leadership and teamwork.

Upon graduation, Diamond launched MainLine Solar, an entrepreneurial venture that showcased the practical application of classroom learning and the importance of seizing timely opportunities. He transitioned from start-up leadership to serving as a Chinook helicopter pilot in the military, where he learned the value of service beyond self and the power of a focused, disciplined approach to challenges. His subsequent experiences with companies like Uber, Etsy, Tesla and the Federal Government equipped him with a unique blend of skills and insights that he brought to Greencastle Consulting.

At Greencastle, Diamond employs a veteran-driven approach to consulting and applies the values Bucknell instilled in him — persistence, excellence and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact. Under his leadership, Greencastle has achieved remarkable growth, pioneering innovative frameworks that align closely with the company's military ethos of efficiency and effectiveness.

Beyond its business success, Greencastle fosters leadership and skill development among veterans to prepare them for meaningful civilian careers through initiatives like Stronghold Leadership. This effort reflects Diamond's commitment to servant leadership, where success is measured not just by one's achievements but by the positive changes they inspire in others.

Diamond's ambition for Greencastle Consulting is to become the nation's premier strategy execution firm while empowering veterans to continue their service in the civilian sector. His mission extends to his family, where he works to instill the values of service, integrity and leadership in his children.

Young Alumni Award

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