University Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard — Enrollment U.S. Geographic Distribution

The University Dashboard includes information about admissions, enrollment, graduation, faculty & staff, student experiences and University finances.


Explore data about admitted students from the past five years — including average test scores, demographics and geographic distributions.


Explore data about enrolled students from the past five years—including academic and geographic distributions and demographics.

Student Data

Explore data about Bucknell student successes at school and after graduation.


  • College Core Curriculum

    The College Core Curriculum (CCC) is based on an interrelated set of principles that emphasize intellectual and practical skills, transferable tools for integrative learning and disciplinary perspectives. Below you will find data about how the College Core Curriculum has impacted the education of current students as well as graduating seniors.

    CCC data on graduating seniors

    CCC data on current students

University-Wide Data

Explore data related to Bucknell’s operational activities, including information about University finances, faculty and staff.


Institutional Research & Planning


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