Guest Wireless Access

Bucknell provides wireless access to on-campus guests through the "bucknell_guests" network. For help with the wireless network, please stop by the Tech Desk on the first floor of the library.

Information about the password-protected "" wireless network is available, including password reset information.

Accounts & passwords

How to Access the Guests Network

The "bucknell_guests" network will appear as an available network on a wireless device when in range. Once connected, guests must launch a web browser that will direct them to a welcome screen displaying terms and conditions for using the network. Once guests click the "I Agree" button, they will be registered and granted access.

Note that you cannot connect to "bucknell_guests" and then immediately check email, connect to a VPN, or do anything else online until you first open a browser and accept the conditions for using the network.

Library research databases will not be accessible for users connected to the "bucknell_guests" network. Guest access to research databases can only be obtained from computers in the library’s research area.

Contact Details

Library & Information Technology Tech Desk