Technology for Students in Need

Students with financial need who face difficulty accessing reliable technology can apply for assistance through Library & Information Technology's Technology for Students in Need program.

Qualifying applicants will receive access to virtual Windows "computers" that are technologically equivalent to the Windows PCs found in labs around campus. This virtual resource can be accessed from anywhere, at any time for the entire academic year.

If needed, Bucknell will also provide qualifying applicants with a Chromebook or similar basic computing device in order to access the virtual lab.

How the Program Might Help You

I Can't Afford a Computer

Problem: I don't have a computer, have financial need, and cannot afford to purchase a device for school.

Solution: L&IT will provide you with a Chromebook and access to the virtual lab.

My Device Is Underpowered

Problem: I need to use a specific application to complete an assignment, but my computer slows down or crashes when I launch the program.

Solution: L&IT will provide you access to the virtual lab so you can use the software you need.

My Device Is Lost or Broken

Problem: I dropped my laptop and it will no longer power on.

Solution: Bring your device to the Tech Desk in Bertrand Library to see if it can be repaired. The staff will speak to you about options for repairing your device, or other alternatives.


Do you need access to computing technology?

Features and Details

The virtual desktop environment has the same computing power as the Window computers you'll find in computer labs around campus, and contains many of the same programs.

  • Access from any web browser on any device, no software needed
  • Save your work to Google Drive
  • Full Windows desktop experience
  • User inactivity timeout is 60 minutes

How to log in and use the remote lab

Available Software





Mathcad Prime




Microsoft Office


Microsoft Visio


Microsoft Project


Students can also request applications to be added to the virtual desktop. To suggest an addition, submit a Help Desk ticket.

Submit a ticket

How to Apply

To apply, please submit the form below.

Applications will be reviewed and eligibility will be determined by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Office of Financial Aid and the dean of students. Questions regarding the program may be directed to Steve O'Hara, associate vice president, information technology, at, or Todd Fogle, senior technology support specialist, at

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