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Policy on Bias-motivated Misconduct and Criminal Offenses

Bucknell University is committed to maintaining an academic environment in which members of its community can pursue their academic and professional activities in an environment where each member of the University community is valued as an individual and is treated respectfully. Bias incidents and hate crimes are antithetical to the standards and values of the University, violate University policy and, in some instances, state and federal law, and will not be tolerated.

Bucknell recognizes that excellent educational experiences include and must allow for divergent viewpoints and perspectives, some of which may challenge individual beliefs, values, or cultural norms. As a campus community, we value and protect academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas. This bias policy is not intended to undermine or weaken these precepts; rather it is meant to address those incidents that fall beyond professional and academic discourse. All members of the university community are responsible for the maintenance of an environment in which people are free to learn and work without fear of discrimination or abuse.

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