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Episode 15: The Role of Social Media When Looking at Colleges

April 26, 2021

Today's high school students don't just rely on websites and viewbooks. They turn to social media to help them get a complete picture of life at a particular college.

At some schools, the reverse happens, too. Some colleges and universities (not Bucknell) actually look at an applicant's social media to give them a fuller picture of the prospective student.

In this episode of College Admissions Insider, Becca Haupt, the Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Bucknell University, delivers a deep dive into the world of social media.

Becca and the hosts discuss:

  • What prospective students and their families should be looking for when examining a school's social channels
  • How to go beyond the school's official channels to see what people are "unofficially" saying about a school
  • What high school students should do if they're applying to a school that reviews applicants' accounts
  • How to keep a healthy outlook about college applications when looking at other people's posts

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Episode 15 Transcript