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Episode 24: Advice and Support for First-gen College Students and Their Families

September 6, 2021

In a household where a parent or family member completed a four-year college degree, a high school student has someone right under their roof who can answer any question that student might have about the college search process.

But some students don't have that luxury and might need to find other ways to get the information they need to find, apply to and prepare for college.

They're called first-generation college students, or first-gens. In this episode of College Admissions Insider, we'll offer advice and support to these first-gens — and the members of their families who might be helping them along this journey. We'll cover questions like: What exactly counts as being "first-gen"? What should first-gen students know when looking at colleges? And does being first-gen weigh into a school's decision on whether to admit someone?

Our guest is Jenny Kim, Bucknell's regional associate director of admissions. Jenny is based in San Diego and works with students from California, Nevada and Hawaii. She's also first-gen herself and a proud graduate of Bucknell.

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