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Episode 31: How I Crafted a Killer Application Essay

December 13, 2021

Think about the latest TV series you binge-watched. Did it start by saying, "In this TV show, you'll meet a messed-up family with lots of problems." Probably not. It likely threw you right into the story, sharing something interesting just a few moments after you pressed "play."

In other words, it hooked you quickly, and it did so by showing, not telling.

What if you applied this same strategy to application essays? In this episode of College Admissions Insider, we'll share how to create an application essay that an admissions office won't be able to stop reading.

We invited two Bucknell students who wrote killer application essays to share a little about their process. They'll also read an excerpt from the essays, to give you an idea of how they turned their unique story into unforgettable prose.

Our guests are Meghan Tran '25, a management student from New Jersey, and Kelley Francis '25, an arts & sciences student from Colorado.

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