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Episode 48: Decoding Diversity Equity & Inclusion

August 22, 2022

Whether we're hard at work, pursuing fun, or spending some much-needed downtime with friends, we all want to be surrounded by people who truly see us and all we have to bring to the table.

At college, feeling seen, heard and supported by people who value your unique identity and perspectives is key to a fulfilling four-year experience.

So how do you find a school where diversity, equity and inclusion are not just promises but practices? In this episode of College Admissions Insider, we're discussing college resources for students from diverse backgrounds, how to get a sense of a school's commitment to equity and inclusion, the additional steps universities can take to make each student feel welcomed, and more.

Our guest is Marcus Scales, Bucknell's director of Multicultural Student Services.

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Episode 48: Decoding Diversity Equity & Inclusion

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