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Episode 62: What to Look for in an Arts & Sciences Education

March 6, 2023

In our last couple of episodes, we spent time chatting with engineering and management faculty about what students should be looking for in a business or engineering education. But what about all of the majors beyond and in between?

You might find diverse disciplines like anthropology, neuroscience, studio art and many more housed together in a College of Arts & Sciences. At some schools, this college may be where the majority of students find themselves studying, discovering and exploring.

In this episode, you'll hear from faculty from a range of disciplines on what to look for in an arts and sciences education. We'll chat about major and class offerings, research opportunities, career preparation and more.

Our guests are three faculty members from across Bucknell's own College of Arts & Sciences: Religious Studies Professor John Penniman, Studio Art Professor Eddy Lopez; and Professor Marie Pizzorno, who teaches within the biology, cell biology and biochemistry programs.

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Episode 62

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