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Episode 7: The Role of Parents When Applying to College

January 11, 2021


Behind many successful college students is a passionate parent who helped coach and guide them throughout the application process.

They're there every step of the way as a coach, cheerleader, personal chauffeur and so much more. But now that it's time for their student to apply to college, these parents might not know what role to play.

They don't want to overstep and become that aggressive snowplow parent or lawnmower parent all those parenting articles warn against. But they also don't want to just sit back and do nothing. 

So how can parents walk that line? In this episode of College Admissions Insider, brought to you by Bucknell University, Brooke Thames and Bryan Wendell take a closer look at the role of parents when applying to college.

Our guest is Jill Medina, Bucknell's senior associate dean of Admissions and a parent herself.

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Episode 7 Transcript