Professor Amal Kabalan

Amal Kabalan

T Jefferson Miers Chair in Electrical Engineering and Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
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About Amal Kabalan

My passion is ...
to Educate, Inspire, Engage. My passion is to guide students to be holistic engineers and scientists.

I studied properties of semiconducting materials for photovoltaics applications at Harvard University. I completed my dissertation at Villanova University where I worked on the application of quantum wells in solar cell. My research focuses on integrating nanotechnology structures in electronic devices. Currently, I am working on improving the efficiency of solar cells and the response of biosensors. I am also interested in humanitarian technology. I am working on developing solar backpacks for students who lack access to electric power around the world. Outside the lab and the classroom, I love to travel and to immerse myself in different cultural experiences.

My passion is to serve human well-being and social justice. By working on improving solar cells efficiency through quantum structures, I envision a future where we as humans only depend on renewable energy sources for energy. My work on the design of biosensors serves to diagnose problems in the body to serve human well-being. My entrepreneurship work centers upon manufacturing a solar backpack for students in developing countries who lack access to electric power. Not only do the backpacks reduce the need for unhealthy kerosene lamps, but they will boost learning among female students serving the goals of human well-being and social justice.

Favorite Out of Class Activities/Interests

  • Travelling and immersing myself in different cultural experiences
  • Painting and reading

Educational Background

  • B.S., American University of Science and Technology, 2006
  • M.S., Villanova University, 2008
  • Ph.D., Villanova University, 2013
  • Postdoctoral Research: Harvard University, 2014

Teaching Experience

  • Adjunct Instructor, Rowan University, 2012 - 2013
  • Assistant Professor, Bucknell University, 2014 - present

Teaching Specialties

  • Electric Circuits
  • Optoelectronics
  • Engineering Design

Research Interests

  • Biosensors
  • Optoelectronics
  • Humanitarian Technology Development

Industry Experience

  • Energy Consultant, MDC Systems, PA 2008 - 2009

Selected Publications

Singh P., Kabalan A., Qin F. "The Fabrication and Characterization of CdTe/PbTe on ITO for the Absorber Layer of a Solar Cell," Proceedings of the 39th IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference, (Tampa, FL, June 2013).

Kabalan A., " Energy Efficiency Practices", Advanced Materials Research, vol.433, pp. 3870-3872, Jan. 2012.

Singh P., Kabalan A., "Electrochemical Atomic Layer Deposition of a CdTe/PbTe Superlattice for the Absorber Layer of a Solar Cell" Proceedings of the 38th IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference, (Austin, TX, June 2012).

Kabalan A., "Implementation of the STEEP Model for Studying the Impact of a Photovoltaics System on a Remote Village in Kenya" Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sustainability, (Basel, Switzerland, August 2012).

Kabalan A., "A Novel Classroom Experiment Demonstrating the Photovoltaics Effect," Proceedings of the ASEE Middle Atlantic Section Conference, (Farmingdale, New York, April 2011), pp.51-55.

Singh P., Kabalan A., Jain S., "Analysis and Fabrication of Submicron PbTe/ZnTe Thin Films for Superlattice Structured Solar Cells," Proceedings of the 35th IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference, (Honolulu, HI, June 2010), pp.1814-1818.

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