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Carol White

Professor of Religious Studies
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About Carol White

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., University of Denver, Iliff School of Theology

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of religion
  • Religion and critical theory
  • Process philosophy
  • Religious naturalism
  • Animal and human connections in Western thought

Teaching Interests

  • Philosophy of religion
  • Religious naturalism
  • Theories of religion

Recent Awards

  • Presidential Professor, 2018-21

Selected Publications


White, Carol Wayne. 2016. Black Lives and Sacred Humanity: The Emergence of an African-American Religious Naturalism. Fordham University Press. [Choice Award for Outstanding Academic Titles.]

White, Carol Wayne. 2009. The Legacy of Anne Conway (1631-1679): Reverberations from a Mystical Naturalism. State University of New York Press.

White, Carol Wayne. 2002. Poststructuralism, Feminism, and Religion: Triangulating Positions. Humanity Books.


"Black Lives Matter and the New Materialism: Past Truths, Present Struggles, and Future Promises.” In Race, Religion, and Black Lives Matter: Essays on a Moment and a Movement. Edited by Christopher Cameron and Luke Sinitere. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt UP,  2021: 89-124.

"Religious Naturalisms." In Bloomsbury Religion in North America. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2021. Accessed August 20, 2021.

"The Process of Animalization, Human Exceptionalism, and The Racialization of Myriad Nature: A Response from Religious Naturalism." Critical Essay in  Syndicate’s Symposium on Karen M. Morin’s Carceral Space, Prisoners and Animals (New York, NY, 2018). August 2021.

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"Black Lives, Sacred Humanity, and The Racialization of Nature, or Why America Needs Religious Naturalism Today." In American Journal of Theology & Philosophy, Vol. 38, No. 3, September 2017: 109-122.

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