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Carrine Phillips

Senior Assistant Director, Admissions
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About Carrine Phillips

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Hometown: Muncy, Pa.

Education: B.A. in Education, Bucknell University

Favorite Lewisburg restaurant: The Lewisburg Freez! Why, you ask? Three words: Skittles ice cream. It tastes just like a red Skittle!

Favorite Bucknell moment: My friends and I decided to participate in Canoe Battleship, which is an annual event where students place canoes in the middle of our Olympic-sized indoor pool. The object of the game is to sink the other boat in the pool before yours sinks. It is a tournament-style competition, and my boat made it to the final round! Our competition was a boat full of Bucknell football players, and when I say we lost miserably... we lost miserably!

Top tip for applicants: Start early, and ask lots of questions! We are happy to help you navigate your college search and application processes.

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