Christina Xydias

Associate Professor of Political Science
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About Christina Xydias

Christina Xydias is a comparativist with a regional focus on Europe, and substantive foci that include gender and politics, elections, and legislatures. She has published on women in the Bundestag, the U.S. Congress, and the European Parliament; and on political protest in Greece and Iceland. The courses that she regularly offers at Bucknell include POLS 120 (Comparative Politics), POLS 213 (Gender & Power), POLS 223 (European Politics), POLS 297 (Qualitative Methods), and POLS 355 (senior seminar in Close and Contested Elections).

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University

  • M.A., The Ohio State University

  • A.B., Brown University

Teaching Interests

  • Gender and politics

  • European politics

  • Elections in comparative perspective


Journal Articles (Peer-reviewed)

“This Was the One for Me: AfD Women’s Origin Stories,” German Politics & Society, 38(1): 10-125 (Spring 2020)

“Citizens, Domestic Institutions, and International Organizations: Recent Financial Crises in Greece and Iceland,” Polity, 49(4): 518-547 (October 2017) [Recipient of the 2017 Polity Prize]

“Discrepancies in Women’s Presence Between European National Legislatures and the European Parliament: A Contextual Explanation,” Political Research Quarterly, 69(4): 800-812 (December 2016)

“Women’s Organizing and Intersectional Policymaking in Comparative Perspective: Evidence from Guatemala and Germany” (with Shannon Drysdale Walsh), Politics, Groups, and Identities, 2(4):549-572 (December 2014) [Featured article in the journal’s 2015 Virtual Special Issue on Politics and Gender]

“Women’s Rights in Germany: Generations and Gender Quotas,” Politics & Gender, 10(1):4-32 (March 2014)

“Mapping the Language of Women’s Interests: Sex and Party Affiliation in the Bundestag,” Political Studies, 61(2):319-340 (June 2013)

“Inviting More Women to the Party: Women’s Substantive Representation and Gender Quotas in Germany,” International Journal of Sociology, 37(4):52-66 (Winter 2007-8)

Book Chapters (Peer-reviewed)

“Political Ideologies,” Political Science is for Everybody, Ed. Amy Atchison, University of Toronto Press (forthcoming, UTP’s fall/winter 2020 catalog)

“The Last Occupational Prohibition: Constructing Women’s Entrance into the Bundeswehr,” in Ed. Louise Davidson-Schmich, Gender, Intersections, and Institutions: Intersectional Groups Building Alliances and Gaining Voice in Germany, University of Michigan Press (2018)

“Republican Female Lawmakers’ Contributions to Legislative Debates in the 113th U.S. Congress,” in Eds. Malliga Och and Shauna Shames, Women as Republican Party Activists, Candidates, and Legislators, Praeger (2018) 

 “Gender Differences and Egalitarianism in Poland,” in Eds. Kazimierz Slomczynski and Sandy Marquart-Pyatt, Continuity and Change in Social Life: Structural and Psychological Adjustment in Poland, IFiS: Warsaw, p.391-410 (2007)

Book Review

Invited review of From Global to Grassroots: The European Union, Transnational Advocacy, and Combating Violence Against Women by Celeste Montoya (Oxford University Press, 2013) for Journal of Women, Politics and Policy, 36(4):495-7 (2015)

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