Christine Buffinton

Christine Buffinton

Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Associate Co-Chair
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About Christine Buffinton

Educational Background

  • B.S. in Engineering Science/Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell University, 1976
  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 1980
  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Standord University, 1983

Research Interests

  • Mechanical regulation of heart development
  • Mechanical properties of heart tissue
  • Finite element modeling
  • Constitutive modeling and testing of biological materials
  • Mechanical vibrations and control systems

Teaching Interests/Courses Taught

  • System Dynamics (MECH 405)
  • Biomechanics (MECH 476/676)

Selected Publications

Buffinton C,Fass D, Sedmera D, "3D reconstruction and finite element stress/strain analysis of the stage 29 embryonic chick heart," Weinstein Cardiovascular Development Conference, Children's Research Institute, Department of Pediatrics, University of South Florida, May 10-13, 2006. Invited presentation.

Miller CE, Thompson RP, Bigelow MR, Gitinger G, Trusk TC, Sedmera D, "Confocal imaging of the embryonic heart: how deep?" Microscopy & Microanalysis. 11(3): 216-23, 2005.

Miller CE, Wong CL, and Sedmera D, "Pressure overload alters stress-strain properties in the developing left ventricle," Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol 285(5): H1849-56, 2003.

Miller CE, Donlon KJ, Toia L, Wong CL, and Chess PR, "Cyclic strain induces proliferation of cultured embryonic heart cells," In Vitro Cell. Devel. Biol. 36(10), 633-639, 2000.

Miller CE and Wong CL, "Trabeculated embryonic myocardium shows rapid stress relaxation and non-quasi-linear viscoelastic behavior," J. Biomechanics, 33(5): 615-622, 2000.

Tsyvian PB, Rutkevich SM, Protsenko Iul, Tsyvian EP, Miller CE, Keller BB, "The role of intra-and extracellular calcium sources in the rhythmic inotropic regulation of isometric contractions in the chick embryo mycocardium." [in Russian] Rossiiskii Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal Imeni I.M. Sechenova. (Russian J. Physiol.) 84(12): 1402-11, 1998.

Miller CE, Vanni MA, and Keller BB, "Characterization of passive embryonic myocardium by quasi-linear viscoelasticity theory," J. Biomechanics 30(9): 985-988, 1997.

Miller CE, Vanni MA, Taber LA, and Keller BB, "Passive stress-strain measurements in the stage-16 and stage-18 embryonic heart", ASME J. of Biomedical Engr. 119: 445-451, 1997.

Taber LA and Miller CE, "Biomechanics of the Developing Heart," chapter in Mechanisms of Abnormal Cardiovascular Development, E.B. Clark, R.R. Markwald, A. Takao, eds. Futura Publishing Co., Mt. Kisco, NY, 1994.

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