Clare Sammells

Clare Sammells

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Affiliated Faculty in Latin American Studies
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About Clare Sammells

Educational Background

  • A.B. in Folklore and Mythology.  Harvard College
  • M.A. in Cultural Anthropology.  University of Chicago
  • Ph.D. in Anthropology.  University of Chicago


  • ANTH 109: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 265: Food, Eating, and Culture
  • ANTH 266: Money, Markets and Magic
  • ANTH 267: Anthropology of Tourism
  • ANTH 352: Ritual, Resistance and Rebellion in South America
  • FOUN 098: Zombies
  • UNIV 288: Global Cuisines, Local Contexts (taught with Philippe Dubois, French)

Research Interests

  • Aymara-speaking peoples of the Andes
  • Bolivian migrants in Spain
  • Archaeological tourism
  • Conceptions of time and calendars
  • Bolivian gastronomy and foodways
  • Touristic cuisines

Selected Publications

Frosted Windows And Compartmentalized Intimacies: Forging Relationships In A Bolivian Restaurant In Madrid. Food and Foodways 24(3-4): 213-231. Special Issue "Eating In Semi-Public Spaces," co-edited by Clare A. Sammells and Edmund Searles.

Restaurants, Kitchens, Markets, Feasts, And Parties: The Anthropology Of Semi-Public Culinary Spaces. Co-authored with Edmund Searles. Food and Foodways 24(3-4): 129-135.

Haute Traditional Cuisines: How UNESCO's List of Intangible Heritage Links the Cosmopolitan to the Local. In Edible Identities: Food as Cultural Heritage, Ronda Brulotte and Michael Di Giovine, eds. Ashgate. 141-158.

Bargaining Under Thatch Roofs: Tourism and the Allure of Poverty in Highland Bolivia.  In Tourism and the Power of Otherness: Seductions of Difference, David Picard and Michael Di Giovine, eds. Bristol: Channel View Publications. 

The Aymara Year Count: Calendrical Translations In Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Ethnology 50(3):245-258.

Complicating the Local: Defining the Aymara at Tiwanaku, Bolivia. International Journal of Historical Archaeology 17(2):315-331.

Ancient Calendars and Bolivian Modernity: Tiwanaku’s Gateway of the Sun, Arthur Posnansky, and the World Calendar Movement of the 1930s. Journal of Latin American & Caribbean Anthropology 17(2):299-319.

The City of the Present in the City of the Past: Solstice Celebrations at Tiwanaku, Bolivia.  In On Location: Heritage Cities and Sites. D. Fairchild Ruggles, ed.  New York: Springer. 115-130.

Ode to a Chuño: Learning to Love Freeze-Dried Potatoes in Highland Bolivia.  In Adventures In Eating: Anthropological Tales of Dining Around the World, Helen R. Haines and Clare A. Sammells, eds. 


Adventures In Eating:  Anthropological Tales of Dining Around the World.  Coeditor with Dr. Helen R. Haines.  Boulder: University Press of Colorado.

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