Constance Ziemian

Constance Ziemian

(2015-2018) Presidential Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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About Constance Ziemian

Educational Background

  • B.S. - Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
  • M.Eng. - Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
  • M.B.A. - Operations Research, Cornell University
  • Ph.D. - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Penn State University

Research Interests

  • Applied solid mechanics
  • Modeling and optimization of mechanical properties
  • Fatigue

Teaching Interests

  • Rigid- and Deformable-Body Mechanics
  • Engineering Mathematics and Optimization
  • Manufacturing Processes Lab

Selected Grant Awards

  • Instrumentation for Research in Materials Characterization and Nondestructive Evaluation, National Science Foundation, Grant 0619232, Co-Pl (with M. Sharma).
  • Practice-Based Manufacturing Education - Adapting a Learning Factory Approach, National Science Foundation, Grant 0410683, Pl (with J.P. lselin).
  • Layered Manufacturing Decision Support and Design Feedback, National Science Foundation, Grant 9813042, Pl.
  • Rapid Prototyping Center, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Challenge Grant No. 6011, Pl (with J. Politis).
  • Manufacturing Processes Laboratory/Instructional Facility, National Science Foundation, Grant 9750788, Pl.
  • Product Realization Consortium: Systems Approach to Manufacture, National Science Foundation, Grant 9413089-3, Co-Pl (with D.W. Taylor).
  • Product Realization Consortium: Systematic Reform of Manufacturing Education, National Science Foundation, Grant No. 9413089-2, Pl.

Bucknell Awards

  • Presidential Professor 2015-18
  • Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence 2012

Selected Publications

CW Ziemian, RD Ziemian (2024). Numerical investigation of the influence of transverse welds on the strength of aluminum alloy I-Shaped members: Beams, Structures, 60, 105861.

CW Ziemian, RD Ziemian (2024). Numerical investigation of the influence of transverse welds on the strength of aluminum alloy I-Shaped members: Columns, Structures, 60, 105856.

CW Ziemian, MS McClintock, RD Ziemian (2024). Experimental investigation of torsional strengths of aluminum alloys: Circular and rectangular solid sections, Structures, 59, 105776.

CW Ziemian, RD Ziemian (2022). Lateral bracing stiffness requirements for systems of parallel compression members, CE/Papers, 5(4), Wiley.

CW Ziemian, RD Ziemian (2021). Threshold stiffness of lateral bracing components in systems of parallel compression members, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 186, 106922.

CW Ziemian, RD Ziemian (2021). Efficient geometric nonlinear elastic analysis for design of steel structures: Benchmark studies, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 186, 106870.

CW Ziemian, RD Ziemian (2020). Residual strength of additive manufactured ABS parts subjected to fatigue loading, International Journal of Fatigue, 134, pp 455-480.

CW Ziemian, WJ Wright, DE Cipoletti (2018). Influence of Impact Conditions on Feedstock Deposition Behavior of Cold Sprayed Fe-Based Metallic Glass, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 27 (5), pp 843-856.

RD Ziemian, CW Ziemian (2017). Formulation and Validation of Minimum Brace Stiffness for Systems of Compression Members, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 129, pp 263-275.

CW Ziemian, RD Ziemian, KV Haile (2016). Characterization of Stiffness Degradation caused by Fatigue Damage of Additive Manufactured Parts, Materials & Design, 709, pp. 209-218.

DE Cipoletti, CW Ziemian, WJ Wright, DJ Helfritch, KV Haile, MN Okwara, KA Hetherington (2015). Critical Velocity Window for the Deposition of Iron-Based Metallic Glass Particles using Cold Spray, Proceedings of International Thermal Spray Conference, Long Beach, California, May 11-14.

CW Ziemian, DE Cipoletti, SN Ziemian, MN Okwara, KV Haile (2014). Monotonic and Cyclic Tensile Properties of ABS Components Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing, Proceedings of 25th International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, August 4-6.

CW Ziemian, MM Sharma, BD Bouffard, T Nissley, TJ Eden (2014). Effect of Substrate Surface Roughening and Cold Spray Coating on the Fatigue Life of AA2024 Specimens. Materials and Design, Volume 54, pp 212-221.

CW Ziemian, MM Sharma, SN Ziemian (2012), Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of ABS Parts Fabricated by Fused Deposition Modelling, In: Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Murat Gokcek (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0505-3, InTech;

CW Ziemian, DE Whaley, MM Sharma (2012), Effects of Flashing and Upset Sequences on Microstructure, Hardness, and Tensile Properties of Welded Structural Steel Joints, Materials and Design, 33 (1): 175-184.

MM Sharma, CW Ziemian, TJ Eden (2011), Fatigue Behavior of SiC Particulate Reinforced Spray-Formed 7XXX Series Aluminum Alloys, Materials and Design, 32 (8- 9): 4304-4309.

CW Ziemian, RD Ziemian, ET Barker (2010), "Shake-Table Simulation Study on Small Scale Layered Models," Rapid Prototyping Journal, 16 (1): 4-11.

MM Sharma, CW Ziemian, TJ Eden (2010) "Processing and Composition Effects on the Fracture Behavior of Spray Formed 7XXX series Al-alloys," Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 19(9): 1344-1351.

CW Ziemian, MM Sharma (2008), "Adapting Learning Factory Concepts Towards Integrated Manufacturing Education," International Journal of Engineering Education, 24(1): 199-210.

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