Elizabeth Armstrong

Elizabeth Armstrong

Adjunct Professor of East Asian Studies
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  • Japanese Language

Recent Activities

Elizabeth Armstrong  had her first book translation entitled, The Crimson Thread of Abandon, published in September 2014 (MerwinAsia).

The book is a collection of 20 "tales for adults", surreal stories with unconventional and enticing premises. The title of the book in Japanese is rendered literally as "tales sewn together with red thread", and indeed, these stories are joined together thematically by the metaphorical twisting together of unrequited love, abandonment, irremediable separation, and disappointment.

The stories are populated with characters who face the vagaries of fortune which keep happiness just out of reach. Each tale brings the reader into Terayama's private world, which is sometimes disturbing, melancholy, and poignant in turn. Although renown in Japanese literary circles, Terayama is largely unknown internationally; thus Armstrong, a long-time aficionado of Terayama, is delighted to have been able to bring this part of his considerable oeuvre to an English-speaking readership.