Elizabeth Durden

Elizabeth Durden

Professor of Sociology
Affiliated Faculty in Latin American Studies | Sociology & Anthropology Chair
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About Elizabeth Durden

Educational Background

  • B.A., Millsaps College (Sociology & Anthropology)
  • M.A., Georgetown University (Latin American Studies)
  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin (Sociology & Demography)

Research and Teaching Interests

My research encompasses immigration policy as well as health inequalities. I am a broadly trained sociologist with an emphasis on the study of immigration, race and health. Trained as a social demographer, I now conduct mixed methodological research that incorporates in-depth interviews and archival analysis. Regardless of methodological approach, all of my work is motivated by the role stratification plays in influencing the outcomes and life trajectories of groups and individuals.

  • Sociology of Immigration
  • Health Inequalities and Medical Sociology
  • Racial/Ethnic Inequalities
  • Food and Society

Courses Typically Offered

  • SOCI 209: Quantitative Data Analysis
  • SOCI 232: Sociology of Health and Medicine
  • SOCI 365: Senior Seminar in Sociology
  • UNIV 200: Children and Immigration
  • RESC 098: Food, Culture and Society

Recent Awards

  • Russell Sage Foundation Trustee Grant 2020-2022
  • National Endowment of the Humanities Collaborative Research Grant 2016-2018
  • BGRI: Bucknell Geisinger Research Initiative Grant 2019, 2017, 2016
  • Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Award, 2008-2009

Selected Publications

(Bucknell Undergraduate Co-Authors in Bold)

  • Silva, Jennifer, T. Elizabeth Durden and Annemarie Hirsch. 2023. “Encountering Inequality Examining Discrepancies Between Electronic Health Records and Narratives to Uncover Hidden Processes of Stigma and Erasure.” 2023. Social Science and Medicine Vol 23.
  • Hirsh, Annemarie, T. Elizabeth Durden and Jennifer Silva. 2022. “Linking Electronic Health Records and In-Depth Interviews to Inform Efforts to Integrate Social Determinants of Health into Health Care Delivery: Protocol for a Qualitative Research Study.” JMIR Research Protocols 11(3):e36201.
  • Mena, Jasmine, T. Elizabeth Durden, Sarah Bresette and Taylor McCready. 2019. “Racial Differences in Perceived Psychological Distress and Impairment among Latinos.” Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 41(4): 504-522.
  • Barrett, Benjamin and T. Elizabeth Durden. 2019. “The Influence of Country of Origin and Nativity Status on the Colorectal Cancer Screening Practices of Latinos Residing in the United States.” International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care 15(4): 285-293.
  • Barrett, Benjamin and T. Elizabeth Durden. 2018. “Banking on Remittances? How Bank Account Possession in the United States Affects Mexican Migrants Sending Money Home.” Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 34(2): 165-190.
  • Aaron Malone and T. Elizabeth Durden. 2018. “Who Drives Diaspora Development? Replication of Mexico’s 3x1 Program in Yucatán." Journal of Latin American Geography 17(1): 139-165.
  • Jacobson, Robin Dale, Daniel Tichenor and T. Elizabeth Durden. 2018. “The Southwest’s Uneven Welcome: Immigrant Inclusion and Exclusion in Arizona and New Mexico.” Journal of American Ethnic History 37(3): 5-36.
  • Hirsch, Annemarie, T. Elizabeth Durden, Andrea Berger and Brian S. Schwarz. 2018. “Associations of Four Community Factors with Longitudinal Change in Hemoglobin A1c Levels in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.” Diabetes Care 41(3): 461-468.
  • Frank, Sarah M. and T. Elizabeth Durden. 2017. “Two Approaches, One Problem: Cultural Constructions of Type II Diabetes in an Indigenous Community in Yucatán, Mexico.” Social Science and Medicine 172: 64-71.
  • Jacobson, Robin Dale and T. Elizabeth Durden. 2014. “Old Poison in New Security Bottles: Contemporary Immigration Restriction and the Detention Regime.” Migration Studies 2(2):235-254.
  • Durden, T. Elizabeth and Lucy Grymes Dean. 2013. “Hispanic Adults’ Health Insurance Coverage: An Assessment of Subgroup Difference and the Impact of Immigration.” The Social Science Journal 50(4): 658-664.
  • Durden, T. Elizabeth and Robin Dale Jacobson. 2013. “The Rise of Nativism.” Chapter 11 in of Hidden Lives and Human Rights in the United States: Understanding the Controversies and Tragedies of Undocumented Immigration, vol 3, edited by Lois Lorentzen. Santa Barbara California: Praeger Press.

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