Erin Jablonski

Erin Jablonski

Associate Dean of Engineering
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About Erin Jablonski

Educational Background

  • B.S., M.S., Rutgers University
  • Ph.D., Iowa State University
  • National Research Council Associate - National Institute of Standards and Technology

Teaching Specialties

  • Materials and polymer science
  • Transport phenomena
  • Chemistry of surfaces

Research Interests

  • Physics and chemistry of polymer thin films
  • Photoresist technology
  • Microfluidics

Selected Publications

E.L. Jablonski, V.M. Prabhu, S. Sambasivan, D.A. Fischer, E.K. Lin, D.L. Goldfarb, M. Angelopoulos, H. Ito, "Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Measurements of Surface Segregation in 157 nm Photoresist Blends", J. Vacuum Sci. and Tech., 21(6), 2003.

Further Information

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230 Dana Engineering Building
Lewisburg, PA17837
United States